Charity Promotional Products

Raise extra funds for your charity or organisation with our fantastic range of budget promotional products.

Our regular special offers and substanitial price break discounts mean you get great value for money.  This leaves room for you to sell your promotional items on at a profit,.

Promotional Cotton Bags are a cost effective way to promote your cause.  At exhibitions and events they are the perfect giveaway gift.  They can be filled with promotional items and relevant literature about your charity or organisation on the day.  But they will also be used after the event, acting as a walking advert for your charity.  They are also a great promotional product for the environmentally conscious, as they promote the use of reusable shopping bags, rather than disposable plastic carrier bags, that are bad for the environment.  These would be the perfect promotional product for a charity who promotes recycling and environmental awareness.  We also have a range of cotton shoppers made from organic, recycled and fair trade cottons.  These again make our printed cotton shoppers the ideal promotional item for charities who promote fair trade and ethically sourced products.  Our competitive prices mean your logo cotton shopping bags could also be sold on to make a profit, either in shops or at shows or events.  This can help to raise extra funds for your charity, while also helping the environment.

Our value range of promotional giveaway items are perfect for shows and events.  Promotional keyrings, printed pencils and logo pens are a perfect giveaway gift to advertise your charity.